Franchise not French-fries!

It was in my business class when I came cross the concept of franchise business, unfortunately the class was at noon (when) everyone was starving and waiting impatiently for the lunch, meaning subconsciously we were thinking about French-fries rather than franchise!, what worsen the situation is the lecturer used fast food business as a good example of franchise business!.

The lecturer continued describing the forms of businesses, she told us that franchise business is a modern form of business in todays’ economy where two parties franchisor and franchisee - are coming together to form a franchise business and enjoy the benefits of the this joint venture.In fact, I wasn’t the only one who got the impression of franchise as french-fries, my classmates told me we felt as if we can taste the salty taste of the french-fries when the lecturer was talking about the franchise business, even though I know now more about the concept of franchise business, in my subconscious always franchise is relative to french-fries

Last month, I received a call from Ms. Yean our Employment Relation office (ER) in my college delighting me of having the opportunity of doing internship in Franchise Division within the ministry of domestic trade, co-operative and consumerism. Before the interview I was joking with my friend by saying that I prepared some salt because they will be offering french-fries during the interview, with smile on face he advised me to better prepare myself to pronounce the “franchise” word well because it is unimaginable situation if I mistakenly replaced the word franchise with french-fries during the interview.

So far, I am half way of my internship program in Franchise division, my working experience there in the ministry wasn’t “salty” as I thought, nor the director is “frying” us, so I hope the next few months in my “french-fries” or franchise experience will be smooth and successful and neither “spicy”!


September 2011